AP STATS HELP? Investigative Task, Chapter 21…?

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Cindy R Asked: AP STATS HELP? Investigative Task, Chapter 21…?

Did the events of September 11 impact the future plans of high school seniors? Educators have
expressed fear that the economic impact may mean that fewer students can afford to attend college.
Some commentators have suggested that a heightened sense of patriotism may increase military
enlistments, while others think that the existence of actual hostilities may deter young people from
choosing a military path. A polling organization wants to investigate what this years high school
seniors are planning to do after they graduate…

Question #3:
During the 90s about 4.5% of high school seniors enlisted in the military. Do these data
suggest that the percentage who enlist is different this year? Test an appropriate hypothesis and
state your conclusion.

Question #4:
A few of the seniors did not respond to the guidance queries, and others said they were
undecided. Some of these people might eventually decide to enlist in the military. Suppose that
half of this small group also enlist. Would that cause you to change your conclusion in
Question #3? Explain.


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